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book100's Journal

book based fanfiction
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Welcome to the book100 word challenge. We've basically gacked the concept from a number of other LiveJournal communities including hp100 and wednesday100. As in these other communities the challenge is fairly simple. A weekly topic is issued by the moderator (who is always open to suggestions) and community members submit drabble ficlets of no more than 100 words.

The Rules

: New challenges will be posted every Thursday (why? Well, I like Thursdays!). All posts for that challenge will be accepted up until the time a new challenge is posted. Knock yourselves out. Multiple postings are encouraged!

: Any crossover, pairing, rating, genre, etc. is allowed, unless the challenge specifies otherwise. However, we ask that if your submission contains explicit or sensitive material, you put it in an LJ cut. We don't wanna frighten the kiddies and or/bring the wrath of...anyone...down onto the community. *grins*

: Entries don't have to be exactly one hundred words. It's nice if they are, but the mods aren't too picky.

: Post your responses as new entries and please place drabble content within the body of your post. All story posts are saved to memories in order to be searchable by author; posting a link to your drabble defeats this purpose.

: If you want to promote another community or journal we ask that you please do so ONLY when posting a story. Posts that advertise without including a drabble will be deleted.

: If you would like to suggest a challenge, just post it in the comments of the latest challenge.

: Don't have a LiveJournal? Send your response over to unanon@yahoo.com with your name and we'll post it for you.

Regarding Points:
Volunteer chocolate or another appropriate treat to the character of your choice if your story is EXACTLY 100 words.

If you end up with a slightly longer story (less than 1000 words or so) that can't possibly be pared down any more, feel free to post it anyway! It won't be 'chocolate' eligible, but everyone on this list loves fics. I don't think we'll complain!

For heaven's sake, let's just have fun! *grin*

The intersts are done by author as opposed to series. So any work written by the author goes here.

Contact either unanon@yahoo.com or perch_and_creep@yahoo.com with any book or author requests.