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Title: Rex Mundi
Fandom: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell/ancient Rome
Word Count: 100
Chocolate For: This book, for not getting enough fannish attention.
Rating: PG
Notes: I wrote a drabble off of a FOOTNOTE in this book. No, I'm not obsessed. Anyway, the gist of the footnote is that when Julius Caesar was in Britain, he met with a strange group of people and did them a favor by adjucating their disputes in an even-handed manner. In gratitude, they told him that they would give him anything he liked. He asked to be ruler of the world, and they promised him that *L* Of course, the people were fairies. And we all know how fairy bargains end up.

It was flawlessly executed -- an explosion of daggers, lightening-quick. Julius Caesar, though he tried to bite it back, cried out in pain as they stabbed from all sides, inescapable.

This wasn’t what the Britannian spirits (for spirits they must have been) had promised. They said he would rule the world -- they had told him nothing about conspiracies, nothing of murder on the very steps of the Curia.

They had kept their bargain, Caesar realized as he slipped to the blood-slick floor. He had been ruler of the world, as they promised. It was Caesar who had not specified how long.
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