Title: Rex Mundi
Fandom: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell/ancient Rome
Word Count: 100
Chocolate For: This book, for not getting enough fannish attention.
Rating: PG
Notes: I wrote a drabble off of a FOOTNOTE in this book. No, I'm not obsessed. Anyway, the gist of the footnote is that when Julius Caesar was in Britain, he met with a strange group of people and did them a favor by adjucating their disputes in an even-handed manner. In gratitude, they told him that they would give him anything he liked. He asked to be ruler of the world, and they promised him that *L* Of course, the people were fairies. And we all know how fairy bargains end up.

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Challenge for 05/26/05 to 06/02/05

Hope y'all enjoyed the week off. *wink*

This week is Free Week.

Submit a drabble on whatever topic you choose, or write something based on the following trio-prompts:
  • ghost, dream, whisper
  • cup of tea, visit, snag
  • drowsy, goldfish, liquify
  • nascent, slay, cupcake

Have a good one!