Rider Riddle (nirejseki) wrote in book100,
Rider Riddle

Title: Russian Roulette
Book: American Gods - Neil Gaiman
Characters: Horus
Words: 112
Summary: Horus muses on sayings with his shattered mind. (I know, it ought to be Thor. Gimme a break, I felt like Horus. Also, I really don't know what the saying means...)

‘Bite the bullet’. I never really got what that saying means.

It doesn’t sound like a saying. It sounds like some horrible macabre joke.

I run my fingers along the gun. I’ve never owned a gun before. Didn’t bother buying it – I have no honor left, I left it with the sun and pyramids and hot air beneath my wings...hmm. Perhaps I should return to that – abandon human mind for animal instinct.

Perhaps. But for now, I’m going to – as they say, not as they mean – bite the bullet.

I swiped this from a man in the street. I don’t know if it’s loaded.

I rest its muzzle upon my tongue.


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